Monday, May 2, 2011

Fardoor - By Daniel Tascona

Hi everyone, my novel "Fardoor" went on sale a couple weeks ago (as an ebook to start) and I just sold my first couple copies in the UK today! Exciting because I don't know anyone there! It's youth/YA fantasy along the lines of "A Wrinkle in Time" or the Narnia books. Here's the extended description:

Fardoor is wonder, it is beauty, it is magic. Fardoor is curiosity and danger. Fardoor is not our world.

The Day children and their cousin Will are the first to find the way into Fardoor in hundreds of years - but finding their way out is not so easy after Will promptly gets lost in an unusual forest! And so begins an adventure through a land where trees hide fairies, cities move on clouds, and all are threatened by the dark Destroyer.

Fardoor is a world of magic - something Thomas and Rebecca Day will have to learn quickly if they are to confront the Destroyer and get their cousin back. That is, if he wants to return home at all.

Fardoor (fantasy adventure/magic)

Reviews would much appreciated. Once I'm done my current book (a Heinlein collection) I'll be looking to check out a couple new authors and do the same.

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