Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Maverick [Kindle Edition] BY Greg Curtis

G. M. Curtis says:

Hi, This is the blurb from my new novel Maverick.

Exiled for accidentally killing a fellow student wizard during a magic duel, Marjan has had to forge himself a new life, a quiet life deep within the Alyssian Forest and far from the Guild.

As a maverick wizard his life is far from perfect, and its never what he dreamt of as a student in the Guild, but its peaceful and he doesn't have to fear crossing the laws of the Guild.

Then one day seven young children and their teacher came crashing into his life, fleeing a monstrous enemy of seemingly limitless numbers. Armies of dire beasts led by hideously transformed soldiers are sweeping down from the north, overrunning the cities and driving all before them in an orgy of death and destruction.

To protect his new charges, Marjan must escort them to safety in the southern lands, leaving his home behind perhaps forever, and taking up arms as a wizard, risking the wrath of the Guild as he does so.

So begins Marjan's journey, where he must not just do battle with an enemy to protect the children, but must also face down the demons of his past, and ultimately do battle with the darkest of all enemies.

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